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We sold our suburban house with dreams to move out of the city in pursuit of living a more sustainable life. But much to our surprise, we found and fell in love with our ‘perfect for us’ urban homestead, further into the heart of Cincinnati, complete with a chicken coop and flock of egg laying hens. Welcome to The Mindful Folk, where we share about homesteading, homeschooling, herbalism, and holistic nutrition.



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fresh farms eggs:

$3 for a dozen, $5 for two dozen.
Return your carton for $.50 off your next egg purchase.

When we purchased our farm, we were given 9 egg laying hens. We soon raised 11 more hens, and now enjoy adding to the flock each year. We have a variety of breeds that lay beautiful shades of brown, white, greens, blues, and pinks. 

Our free-range chickens are lovingly cared for by our children (and overseen by us). The business of selling the eggs is their farm project, which gives them opportunities to learn, manage, and feel accomplished. All monies are put into a fund for them.

We currently have no eggs available for purchase, but check back in Spring of 2019.

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